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Grroups is an online talent marketplace where the top talent, best recruiters and leading employers around the world meet and engage in a competitive and automated talent auction.

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Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Grroups is a curated marketplace where hundreds of employers compete and make you job offers with upfront compensation. Your chance
to land in a great job is increased
significantly with us.
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Grroups brings the top 5% talent
in varied disciplines through a highly expert recruiters network around the world. Companies compete to hire the top talent in various niche areas in marketplace auction.
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Recruiters around the world monetize their
candidates by listing them in our marketplace quick and simple. List top performing candidates and
rest is assured by us to get them hired and
up to invoice processing.
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What We Do ?

Online marketplace where companies make you job offers

Grroups shortlists the top 5% of candidates across job functions and list them on the marketplace auction for a limited period of 15 days for clients to compete and hire them.

Grroups follows rigorous selection criteria in every job function to identify just the best candidates in the market. Our screening experts who are industry leaders in respective fields conduct in-depth reviews to further filter the top performers among the best candidates who are identified in the initial sourcing process.


Employers Compete To Hire The Best Talent On Demand

Top employers around the world compete to hire the candidates by bidding upfront compensation. Candidates receive interview offers which include salary and equity information.

Candidates usually receive multiple job offers in the marketplace and they choose the best offers which are exciting to them. Our automated platform digitizes the complete hiring process and makes it a very pleasant experience for the employers and job seekers.


Exciting opportunity for recruiters of all sizes.

Grroups supports small and large recruiters around the world to monetize their candidate base and expertise by listing their vetted candidates for our clients to hire from.

Member recruiters and search professionals across the world vet candidates from their field of expertise and list them on the platform. Thousands of employers hiring through the platform significantly increases the chance of their candidates getting offered quickly at better percentage.


Speeds up your hiring, job search and recruitment process

Grroups substantially expedites the recruitment activities including candidate sourcing, interviews, negotiations, job offers and payment processing by digitizing the entire process.

Our automated platform and the mobile app gets the work done in real time to avoid the unnecessary delays in every stage of the recruitment process. Employers quickly gets the talent, Job seekers find their dream jobs hassle free and Recruiters seamlessly monetize their candidate base.


Hire on the go

Access Jobs, Recruiters and Candidates anywhere, anytime & Hire with confidence

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